Easily Connect QuickBooks Desktop to
E-Commerce, CRM, MRP & ERP Solutions

The demand for implementation of digital strategy without eliminating software investments led us to create an API for QuickBooks® desktop. QBD Connect seamlessly connects the QuickBooks® Desktop family of products with virtually any application. Building on an approach recommended by Intuit®, it is easy, safe, and efficient. QBD Connect is the solution that companies are searching for to connect QuickBooks® Desktop with any application. Whether you’re looking to integrate QuickBooks Pro, Premier or Enterprise, QBD Connect will interface with all of them. The sky’s the limit.

QBD Connect is an API offered by Work Horse Integrations. Work Horse Integrations software solution implementations can help businesses automate their processes and drive positive business outcomes. Our Certified Mulesoft professionals provide a wide range of software integration services for organizations. We provide consulting and training around software integration services for clients in the retail, manufacturing, government, insurance, logistics, and hospitality industries. Our API for developing QuickBooks Desktop through technology modernization is one product that we offer.

QuickBooks® Desktop API Integration

QBD Connect is the solution to modernizing work flows between QuickBooks® Desktop and other software packages being used to run your business. Developing QuickBooks® Desktop to integrate with other applications in your business adds value to the bottom line.

Manual Data Entry

Clients or Accountants who are currently entering or downloading information from one system then inputting it manually into QB Desktop would benefit from this API. When data is manually entered between systems, errors can occur. QBD Connect eliminates that factor.

Real Time Data

When real time data is not available, the potential for making poor decisions increases. For instance, if inventory is not up to date, an order could be rejected or delayed unnecessarily. Stay up to date with information by using QBD Connect.

Change in the Work Place

With a potential reduction in work force or needing to work from home, adding efficiency becomes vital. Eliminating a step in the process allows workforces to become more efficient and fosters more value in the customer relationship.

Tax Deadlines

Missed deadlines could occur because handling and managing data is too cumbersome. This is frustrating for everyone. When customers can’t get data easily added into QuickBooks®, they miss deadlines which then causes Accountants to work overtime to meet deadlines.